‘The Tea’ Show Opening is Here!

I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am to share the first episode of ‘The Tea’ with you! In the meantime, I have an awesome sneak peek in store. Click below to see our show opening! It’s so fun and upbeat, I can’t stop watching it! Keep that tea hot, because we’re dropping the first show in September.

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I’ve Joined the ‘The Tea’

I’m excited to announce that I am a co-host of the amazing web series! Dr. Dina Strachan, Margarita Rodriguez, Nigeria Lockley, Afi French, Deborah Franklin, and myself bring you a new web series called ‘The Tea’—where books are the topic and women are the voice. It’s a smart and fun show where we dig into controversial books and tackle the hottest topics.


Check out our website at www.jointhetea.com. Follow us on YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Keep on eye here on my blog and Instagram as well, where I’ll be updating you on episodes and new content! Our first episode debuts in just a couple short weeks so get those tea cups ready! 20369652_10155554012183158_7407847732866686828_o


I haven’t been able to write out my feelings about the white extremist riot in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier because, honestly, it hurt too much to do so. I am not surprised to see so many hateful faces call for the death of dark-skinned people. I am not surprised police protected domestic terrorists, white extremists, and the KKK. I am not even surprised that that this “protest” operated in the town that houses the University of Virginia.


I am surprised this situation influenced many politicians to finally realize white supremacy is actually harmful. What was my immediate response to the news? I alerted my family and began texting my college friends to do a safety check. Was anyone visiting this weekend? Are my friends’ families okay? Does anyone need ears to listen (because mine are fully available)? Fortunately, my friends are safe and those that were in town and counter-protested, are safe as well.

These extremists are not just hateful, but they are decision makers in society. Many of these are police officers, educators, politicians, health care providers, and other roles we can seemingly depend upon. What’s also scary is that these people are descendants of KKK members and may birth future members, as well. When and how will these perpetuation of hatred end? Nothing will change unless we work through discomfort to challenge racism, sexism, and so many other systems of discrimination that discourage people from being their full, non-hateful, selves.


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Spotify’s Going Public

If you’re a music fan and have been waiting to invest in Spotify, get ready. Spotify is going public, without an IPO. That may leave you saying, “Huh, what’s going on?” In a “direct listing,” insiders, not the company, will start selling their shares to the stock market. According to the Wall Street Journal, the process should be complete by the end of this fall. Spotify might miss out on hundreds of millions of dollars by skipping the IPO but they might be able to raise more cash during a second offering later. Keep in mid that the Swedish company was previously valued at $8.5 billion. Either way, get your coins together and keep your ears open for more updates!

Whether you’re loyal to Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Music, or Pandora you cannot deny the Spotify’s power and hold on global music lovers. As of June 2017, Spotify has 60 million subscribers while Apple Music lags behind at 27 million. The fact that they are beating out one of the world’s most powerful companies speaks volumes. Even though Apple Music comes pre-installed on iPhones, iOS users and music lovers are downloading Spotify en masse. I love visuals; check out this graph:

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.55.29 PM.png

According to Tech Crunch, Spotify remains the go-to streaming service for music lovers.

Why am I such a big fan?

  1. I personally love Spotify’s discover weekly playlist product. A playlist is automatically generated based on the music in my library and what I’ve been streaming lately.
  2. It’s also awesome that if I complete my playlist, the app will continue playing similar music for me. No need to dive into the app to find new music on a crammed subway.
  3. Google Home allows users to enjoy Spotify’s free ad-supported service. That’s a win for them as Apple’s HomePod smart speaker starts shipping around December. Spotify being a premier partner of Google Home (when Google Music already exists), is a huge testament to the music app’s power.

Let’s see how consumers like Apple Music on HomePod. But first, let’s see what Spotify insiders will do with their stock options.

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Meet (the new) Pink

Remember when some girls used to avoid sugary pink growing up? Barbies, stickers, little purses, were all drenched in hot pink glittery mess in the 90’s (I still miss the era). Now, a new pink has arisen. One that is subtle and sophisticated. It’s called Pale Dogwood, a.k.a. Pantone’s 13-1404. Haven’t heard of the shade? No worries; it also kind of looks like a nice blush color. Or you can call it “power pink.” I’ve also heard it’s called “millennial pink” maybe because Pantone be direct-marketing to my generation..? Quizás.

Pink isn’t just a color to signify femininity. In 2016, Thinx’s lead design strategist, M. Y. Nguyen told Fashionista,”A muted pink speaks to our altering society’s understanding of femininity (i.e., traditional hot pinks and baby pinks that we often see used in feminine hygiene products or “girls’ toys”).” I can argue with that at all. There’s something soothing and attractive about this shade. I’ve seen it in ads and now I’m seeing everyone work it into their wardrobes. This pink is definitely a huge must-have trend for spring. Am I ready to swap my black wardrobe for a pink one? Not quite yet. But here are a few awesome pieces from Zara to test drive.



Yes, these aren’t Pale Dogwood but I’m really tempted.