Willow Smith Crushes Her Chanel Campaign

Willow Smith is a multi-talented teen. This girl does no wrong. She has a soulful sound, killer style, and is an MIT-hopeful. I hope she never leaves the art world for good because I am a serious fan. She’s only 15! Willow stars in the new fall/winter eyewear campaign that is as usual, shot my favorite fashionisto, Karl Lagerfeld himself.

In a brand statement reads, “Swathed in jewels from the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Ready-to-Wear collection, she breathes new energy into the world of Chanel eyewear.” The charming young songstress and style muse is signed to The Society Management and starred in a Marc Jacobs campaign last year. Looks like it’s time I take my piggy bank out for his last meal because mama needs some Chanel glasses STAT.

Check out Willow’s campaign below.

Image: Celebrity Gossip



C160417 The Queen-646-Edit

The Queen

They’re here! The edited photos of “The Queen” shoot came in and I’m excited to share them with you! I am extremely proud of this project and the entire team. Take a peek below at our work!

Special thanks to Zeyang, Coco, and my dear friend, Fatima.

Wardrobe & Stylist: Fatima Camara

Photograher: Zeyang Wang

Hair & Makeup: Coco Liu

C160417 The Queen-025-EditC160417 The Queen-060-EditC160417 The Queen-646-EditC160417 The Queen-655-EditC160417 The Queen-897-EditJanelleClayton7C160417 The Queen-990-Edit 2


Shopping & Traveling with Your Brexit Benefits

Burb 2015 holi campOn Thursday, June 23rd, the 52% of British voters chose to divorce the E.U. The decision to break up, a.k.a. Brexit, was largely motivated by economic and political issues across the continent. The decision is already having an impact on global markets. According to Luxury Daily, “the news of which caused a $2 trillion hit to global stocks, the pound to fall 10 percent to the dollar and the euro to drop 3 percent.” The secession from the union will be a two-year process but British goods are already on sale.

As widely predicated, chief concerns are the fate of the rich’s investments in the UK. How will the London Stock  Exchange perform? Will the rising costs of British materials cause the price of goods to skyrocket? Are visa requirements likely to return? Anti-immigrant backlash, xenophobia, and fear of terrorism fueled the no-E.U. vote. It sounds like Trump can make a few friends in the U.K.

If you already have your calendar marked to take a trip to London, go! No visa is needed and regulations can unexpectedly change for foreigners. If travel documentation requirements change, nonnatives may need weeks or months to process their papers. That could mean trouble for impulse or indecisive travelers.



maryThe U.K. has a strong and proud tradition of luxury manufacturing. This is not the end of the road for Burberry, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and other British-associated brands. However, the pound has already fallen 10% to the dollar. Because the dollar is the strongest it’s been against the pound in modern history, U.S. shoppers visiting the U.K. are in for a treat. Savvy shoppers can grab luxury handbags at almost a 10% discount from last week. A Mary Katrantzou dress from Selfridges was about $2,606 last month. Now, it’s roughly $1,985.

Are the efforts many luxury companies put toward harmonizing prices globally all for nothing now? The relative statuses of the pound, euro, yen, and dollar are seemingly unknown. London may be the go-to destination for U.S. shoppers to get the best deal on goods from Chanel, LVMH, and Hermes. Now may be the time to finally pay a visit to Big Ben and pull the trigger on that premier purse or heritage trench of your dreams.

Images: Luxury Daily, Selfridges, TTGMedia



Marking My Calendar: H&M x KENZO

No one can forget the massive stampedes and drama the H&M x Balmain collaboration caused last year. Shoppers were lined up for days to stock up on beaded satin and velour. The wild success of that campaign is expected to trickle into the next. I’m just as excited for this year’s collab! I’m marking my calendar and keeping my eyes out for details.

H&M’s 2016 collaborators are Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo. The collection of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories launches on November 3rd. You can line up at one of 250 stores worldwide or click away online.

H&M’s Creative Advisor, Ann-Sofie Johnansson, promises that this collaboration will be different than the Balmain collaboration. She told Vogue, “Balmain was glamorous and sexy, and this is vibrant, young, and fun.”

I lusted over Kenzo for years. I can’t wait to finally have something from the designers at a more affordable price.

Check out the announcement here:




Snapchat Algorithms are Coming!

Snapchat is fun, easy to use, and feels fresh. Not only do users communicate with friends, they can play with brands without even realizing the viewed creative are ads. Brands love Snapchat because it enables them to capture a large, young, active audience. Right now, users can view messages from the accounts they follow in chronological order. But soon, Snapchat will begin to act as a content curator when it publishes an algorithm. Brands (and tech geeks, like myself) are eagerly waiting to hear more news because it will likely make a strong impact on the ad space they buy on the platform. Implementing algorithms are a way to sort content flow but it is also a way to pressure advertisers to purchase more prominent (and expensive) placements.


The new algorithm is expected to be similar to that of Facebook; it will be free for accounts to share content but only some people will be boosted and some will be at a disadvantage. It seems like its best for brands to put effort into organically building its presence on all social media platforms because the treatment towards brands may suddenly change.  If a brand is not on social media is like a runner registering for a marathon and refusing to leave the starting line.

Think back to March when Snapchat went through a redesign. Now, users can view one user’s content in the “Story” section and continue to the next user’s without tapping the screen. The update did cause confusion amongst users as they began to view content they wanted to avoid. According to Delmondo, an ad tech platform, publishers saw a 40 percent increase in views was accompanied by a 20 percent decrease in completion rates.

I’m actually excited to see if brands’ content strategy on Snapchat change. Will they ramp up production or will they stop trying to capture younger audiences on the app overall? A lot of brand might not be able to keep up with the social media/ cash flow rat race.

Images: Adweek, TheodesseyonlineTheodesseyonline